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The inspiration for this book seems to be Romeo and Juliet, more importantly, how would Juliet react if she and Romeo had beens separated? According to the book, she would clutch at her heart at every instant and become a zombie. Note to all: Bella is no Juliet. The only reason I actually finished this book and might read the two remaining ones is that I don't want to leave the series unfinished, especially one as hyped as this. And I enjoy a good roast in my reviews.

New Moon catches up with Bella with about six months having elapsed after the events of Twilight (read my review here). After a small cut reveals the danger of being with a vampire family, Edward dumps her and the Cullen family leave town. Bella is heart-broken, devastated (add choice of apocalyptic adjective here) and withdraws into a shell. Then she catches up with an old friend Jacob, and finds solace in his company, but is he good enough to replace the void that Edward has left in her life?

Bella is easily the weakest heroine I have ever met. She can't seem to live without a man in her life, and when Edward leaves her, she makes Jacob her crutch. The way she leads Jake on was really cruel. When he had problems of his own, all she could think about was how she needed him, what he had to do for her. Is that what teens should understand from friendship- how useful your friend is to you? And all that rubbish about hole in the chest, gasping for air (seriously, she needs an inhaler)! I understand that she's 18 years old, and at that age, your first love seems like your true love, but this book takes it too far. Teen romances about girls mooning over their first crush have a vein of sarcasm running through them, but this book treats it like gospel truth. Give me a break! When she decided to go dirt racing, I thought she had actually gotten over her Hotness Monster and decided to have some fun, but the next sentence about dying to hear Edward's voice in her head and enjoying the mental instability crushed my hopes.

I tried to find something nice to say about this book, I really did. I tried to understand what made this series such a superhit, but I confess, I can't think of a single reason why. I really did not want to write such a negative review, but I couldn't hold the words back. If you love this series, please help me understand why.

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6 Responses
  1. Jules Says:

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has issues with theses books. Eclipse is slightly better, but anti-climax. Breaking Dawn, which I'm reading now.... sigh.

    Do you notice how ALL the women are nothing but pretty arm hangers for the men? Esme, Rosile, Alice, Rene all of them are just there to look pretty while the Husbands do everything. Sigh.

    Bella is my least favourite character in the books. So is Edward. I like all the supporting characters much better.

  2. I don't like this book... or the series. I think it may partly be because I'm resist the whole bandwagonage around the series. Or..maybe it's just Bella is quite annoying as a character. Edward would NEVER want to hear Bella's thoughts.

  3. Hazra Says:

    You are so right. The women are arm candy, good only for sighing and crying. The only character I liked was Jacob.
    The bandwagonage is supposedly because of Bella and Edwards's "epic" romance. You're right, NOBODY would want to hear Bella's thoughts.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I disagree with everything, these books have been a hit with young teens to middle aged women for a reason they are about love and lost and real feelings young girls got through in a fantasic way,i disagree with the coments on the females being 'eye candy' as they are all ment to be beautiful its ment to be romantic and it is, all the characters are wonderfully written and i think Stephenie Meyer has alot to be proud of as do millions of othere Twilight fans across the world

  5. Anonymous Says:

    here here anonymous fan, move over harry potter, Stephenie Meyer is a true legend !!!! the books are a credit to her, best books i've ever read!

  6. Ivana Says:

    I actually liked New Moon, partially because I was starting a divorce at the time I read it, and Bella's dejection was easily to relate to. But I don't like Bella as a character-main character, to make it worse-because she is too passive, Edward is too gooey, and my favorite character is Jacob. He has a character, for a start. Bella and Edward are...bland. Tasteless.

    I love your reviews, they are straightforward and sincere.


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