North and South Episode 3

I thought N&S was similar to Pride and Prejudice, but the differences clearly showed in this episode. While P&P is more about attraction between opposites, N&S has darker undercurrents throughout. It is not just a love story; it is also a story about the industrial workers, their lives and the difficulties they face.

Well, Margaret’s mother grows sicker by the day, and she has written to her brother Frederick to come. Frederick was involved in a mutiny, and he will be courtmartialled and hanged if he is found in England. Meanwhile, Margaret goes to London to visit an industrial fair, and comes face to face with Thornton for the first time since he proposed to her, and is much impressed by his views. Frederick arrives in Milton and Margaret has to hide a lot of things from the townspeople, especially Thornton, which complicates things between them.

This episode is full of tense moments. It is much darker than the previous ones, and the gloom of death hangs over the episode. I thought that the episode was a little hurried, events tumbling on one another. I’d have preferred the story to be a little more fleshed out. Anyways, I’m on to the final episode, the climax to a nice journey through industrial England. The couple will be together, Thornton will give his killer smile and…well, nothing. If you haven’t seen this miniseries, and aren’t too mad at me for writing all about it (seriously, I tried very hard to avoid spoilers), then please go watch it and tell me what you thought.

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