Author Feature: Introduction

I am 3 months old on blogosphere! Time really flies by, doesn't it? What can I say, I am having a blast blogging, and I really love the book blogging community, especially those voracious readers who have introduced me to so many new books. You guys are great!

Well, I thought I'd take the plunge into event hosting. I'll be starting a monthly feature called Author Feature where I'll write about my favorite authors. I'll provide a brief bio, bibliography and write about why I love them. Everyone is invited to join in the discussions, I'd love to hear your views. This is my first event, so I've got my fingers crossed. And I'm looking to try out a few of Blogger's features as well. Look out for the first feature, about an extremely popular children's author who celebrates his birthday next week.

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1 Response
  1. Jules Says:

    Happy 3 month bloggerversy ;) Good luck with the Author Feature, I'll keep my eyes open for them.

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