New Award....and a New Design

When I first started my blog, I thought it would be an easy thing. I read quite a lot, and I have a lot of strong opinions regarding what I read, so it would be a piece of cake to maintain a book blog, right? Wrong! First, I realized that I couldn't write down everything I think about a book; I don't want to be rude or overly negative. Second, I actually don't read as much as a lot of other bloggers do. Third, blogging can sometimes be hard. Managing a hectic schedule leaves little time for reading, blogging and commenting, and you sometimes have to put in extra effort to regularly update your blog.

I passed my 100th post sometime back, and I didn't even notice it! Well, this is a belated celebration of me passing the century mark. This award is to all those prolific bloggers, who read voraciously, blog tirelessly and have made the blogging community such a vibrant place. This award is in recognition of their achievements and their enthusiasm. They are the people who keep me going!

There are a couple of rules for this award:

1. Every winner of the Prolific Blogger Award has to pass on this award to at least seven other deserving prolific bloggers. Spread some love!

2. Each Prolific Blogger must link to the blog from which he/she has received the award.

3. Every Prolific Blogger must link back to This Post, which explains the origins and motivation for the award.

4. Every Prolific Blogger must visit this post and add his/her name in the Mr. Linky, so that we all can get to know the other winners.

So, to get things going, I wanted to give this award to these really prolific bloggers who I visit very often. [Drumroll please]

J.Kaye's Book Blog
Alaine-Queen of Happy Endings
things mean a lot
Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin'?
Books 'N Border Collies
The Zen Leaf
The Eclectic Reader

And I have a new design for my blog. The winter season is upon us, and I wanted my blog to reflect that, and the approaching festive season. So, how do you like my blog's new look?

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124 Responses
  1. Amanda Says:

    Thank you for the ward, and I LOVE the new design! Especially the lightly falling snow. :D

  2. Anonymous Says:

    First of all, wow! Love the winter scene. Your blog is absolutely beautiful. Second, thank you so much for this award! How exciting to get a new award!! :) I will pass on the love next Saturday. Thank you made my day!!

  3. Aarti Says:

    I'm a fan of the winter scenery, Hazra! Gorgeous set-up :-)

  4. Ana S. Says:

    Awww, thank you so much for including me!! And I love the design - very festive :D

    PS: I was out of town this weekend, but I'll reply to your e-mail asap!

  5. 3m.michelle Says:

    I like your new design!

  6. trish Says:

    Thanks so much, Hazra! You totally made my day! And I know why you received the award in the first place. ;-)

    Love the new look, by the way! Makes me wish we got snow here. :D

  7. Teddyree Says:

    Love your blog design, the christmas theme header is just gorgeous! You're right, maintaining a blog, reading, commenting is a lot more challenging and time consuming than I thought it would be but its definitely rewarding. Thanks so much for thinking of me with the blog award :-)

  8. I absolutely LOVE the NEW look! Really cute! Award is darling too! Hope you're having a great weekend!

    x0xx Amy (Park-Avenue Princess)

  9. Jenn M. Says:

    First of all, Really cool award. I'm so glad to have recieved it from one of the 1st recipients. Second, I'm not sure what your blog design looked like before, but I'm liking what it looks like now! :)

  10. JJ Says:

    I was award this special award. I appreciate it so much. I will try to get my post on this weekend. I may be delayed to a family death. My Uncle Morris passed away yesterday morning. He had cancer. I would appreciate prayers for his family and friends. Thanks.


  11. Suko Says:

    So cute! Thanks! :)

  12. Mel u Says:

    I an happy to be in such good company-I also love the design of the award

  13. This has been a very humbling experience. Thank you!

  14. Blanche Says:

    Thank You so very much!:)

  15. CMash Says:

    Thank you so very much !!! I am looking at the names of all the experienced bloggers that I have been in awe of...and now is humbling and exciting at the same time. Thank you again....BTW the new look is absolutely it !!!!

  16. This is so cool. (Thanks Joylene.) After a quick check I see there are some terrific links here - certainly more click-worthy than mine. I'll have to work hard to keep up with this bunch!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    A big thank you to A.F. Stewart for bestowing this award upon my website! I've passed on the goodness and awarded 7 of my favourite bloggers a Mr. Linky!

    All the best,

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Many thanks to Joylene Butler and Katherine Neff Perry for sending the award my way, and to you as its creator. I'm honoured!

    Carol Garvin

  19. Leah Says:

    Look at all those links! Now I won't run out of leads for new and interesting blogs to visit. Thanks to Laura for the nomination and to Hazra for creating the award.

  20. j Says:

    Hello. I got to your blog from Linda's blog, and I had to comment because although I've never visited before, my first thought when I arrived was, wow! This blog is beautiful!

    So there you have it. Good job!

  21. Anonymous Says:

    This is a wonderful blog and I'm happy to find it. A lovely new online friend and fellow writer/blogger, Laura Best, gave me the Prolific Blogger Award (a flattering, fun surprise!) and it led me here--I'm excited.

    Can't comment on your old look, but I like the new one.

    Will back and poking around,

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Love the award. And, especially the badge! What a dreamy writing space - wish it were mine :)

  23. Anonymous Says:


    This is a nice idea. I just got tagged with it by Anna from QuillsandZebras.


  24. Thanks so much to A. F. Stewart for the award! It was a nice surprise.
    Margay Leah Justice

  25. Jen Says:

    Terrific idea for an award. Thank you!

  26. What a great award! The list of links is invaluable. Thanks!

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Y'all are a bunch of cool young people. Thanks for including old Doc.

    Dr. B

  28. Thanks for starting this award.
    Best wishes

  29. Thanks for designing this awesome award! I love it. :-)

  30. Old Kitty Says:


    I came over from Simon's blog Spellmaking - I still don't know what I'm doing but he said to link to this lovely blog to get the Prolific Blogger Award!


    So hello Advanced Booking!!! Nice to meet you

    Take care

  31. Kea Says:

    Thanks kindly to Old Kitty at Ten Lives and Second Chances for passing on this award to me, among others!

    And thank YOU for designing this terrific award!

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Old Kitty sent me here too - hello!

  33. I feel so honored to be included in this! Thank you for beginning it!

  34. Thanks for doing this. Great idea.


  35. Rebecca Fabian "paid it forward" and Twenty by Jenny benefited from your fabulous new award. I am a newcomer to your site, but I like the look of it(and love your portrait of the prolific blogger) and the infectious passion for books it passes along. Many thanks for creating this community, Hazra.

  36. raine Says:

    Thanks for creating the new award. Love it. :)
    Bernita was kind enough to share it with me. I'll be linking back!

  37. Awesome award. Deb/Writtenwyrrd gave it to me. :-D

  38. Sheila Deeth Says:

    Nice award. I got it from A.F. Stewart. And now I know what Mr Linky is. Thanks.

  39. Hi, I got the award from Rebecca Luella Miller for my Lina Lamont Fan Club blog....

  40. Sasha White Says:

    Thanks for creating this award. Blogging regularly deserves recognition.

  41. Kristen Says:

    Thanks so much!!
    This is a lot of fun:)

  42. Great award! Thanks to you for creating it and to Chris for passing it on to me.

  43. Unknown Says:

    We here at Art Scatter World Headquarters are humbled and honored (maybe even dazed and confused) to have this unexpected honor settle on our shoulders. Thanks for setting this up! We love the concept of paying it forward, and have done so. We also love the award illustration, which makes us think warm thoughts about "Goodnight, Moon," a picture book published the year Mr. Scatter was born.

  44. Aubrie Says:

    I love the picture of this award! I'm so honored to get it.


  45. Lola Sharp Says:

    This is my first time to your wonderful blog...I am here via SarahJayne, as she bestowed this delightful award upon me. (woot!)

    I think I'll stick around. :o)


  46. Whooo, long list!

    The picture is awesome, I totally agree.

  47. I'm here because of Sarahjayne Smythe who bestowed the honor on me. The award means much to me because I've strived to be a prolific blogger which has helped me to become a better writer.
    Thank you.

  48. Robin Says:

    Thank you for the award. It will serve as motivation to write when I really don't want to.

  49. Hi there!

    Angie Lofthouse from Notes From the Writing Chair bestowed this beautiful award upon me, and now I have found you. What a deal, huh?

    Please forgive me for making a mistake on "Mr. Linky", would you? I checked to see if I was registered with him and he signed me in a second time--I didn't realize he would do that. (I'm SO embarrassed!)

    Anyways, nice "meeting" you.

    Cynde's Got The Write Stuff

  50. The Erin Says:

    Thanks for the award :D
    I feel so prolific!

  51. Dani G Says:

    They like me, they really like me!!

  52. Faith Pray Says:

    A blog all about books? This is great!
    Thank you for starting such a fun chain of appreciation!

  53. Wow! When I saw and recognized how many bloggers before me have received this award, I went back to double check that I had indeedy(southern roots showing up here) seen my name listed. As a very, very, new, inexperienced blogger I can only throw myself at the feet of such awesomeness.
    To paraphrase Wayne & Garth from Wayne's World, "I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!"

    alterlisa AT yahoo DOT com
    (='.'=) Happy Easter from Bun!

  54. essbesee Says:

    Receivd my pba from Lady of the Arts and off to do my post and pay it forward now! thanks!

  55. essbesee Says:

    Receivd my pba from Lady of the Arts and off to do my post and pay it forward now! thanks!

  56. essbesee Says:

    Receivd my pba from Lady of the Arts and off to do my post and pay it forward now! thanks!

  57. essbesee Says:

    Receivd my pba from Lady of the Arts and off to do my post and pay it forward now! thanks!

  58. Unknown Says:

    Thanks to Yat-Yee for passing the award on! :)

  59. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks, Amanda J, for the award.

    Hazra, now I'm following. You have a great blog going on here.

  60. Lydia Kang Says:

    thanks Amanda for the award!

  61. Kals Says:

    Thanks to Christy for passing this award to me! :)

  62. Natasha Says:

    Patricia passed the Award onto me, and I was honoured to receive it from her.

  63. Jessica Bell Says:

    What a wonderful award. Thanks for inventing it! It was passed on to my from Rayna (Not enough hours!). Thanx :)

  64. Blah Says:

    Rayna passed it on to me as well. What a wonderful idea this is!



  65. The Alliterative Allomorph sent me the award. Dropping by to say hello, great idea.

  66. Wanda Says:

    Honored to receive the award from Rayna. Will be passing it forward. Very good idea.

  67. JE Says:

    I love this award!!

  68. My Book Barn Says:

    I am so honored to have gotten this award from Sherrie at Sherries Books Blog! What an incredible list! I can't wait to check out all the blogs! Thanks!

  69. Abri Says:

    This is my first blog award!! Love it, and am totally honored to have received it from Hallee the Homemaker!!


  70. Lindsay Says:

    Love the award plus I found an awesome new blog to follow :)

  71. What a cool networking award! Thanks!

  72. bubbleboo Says:

    Wow, I was just given this award by Heather (Acting Balanced Mom) and I'm a little overwhelmed.

    For someone to go out of their way to tell you that you do good work is the best feeling!

    Thanks for making this award - I'm so pleased I found your site, and I can't wait to check out some of the other brilliant writers who have also received this award!

  73. I feel very blessed and special that bubbleboo from the Thought Bubble thought I was deserving of this award.

  74. Cherylann Says:

    If it is possible delete the first entry it was the wrong blogspot.

  75. Trac~ Says:

    Happy Monday! I was blessed with this award while away on vacation -from the lovely Petty over at Pen and Paper. Have a great day! :o)

  76. Angie Says:

    Thank you for starting this award! I have passes it to some really great blogs!

  77. Anonymous Says:

    OMG that is a lot of links on your McLinky. I am honored to be included and look forward to checking out these other blogs.

    Amazing. Thank you Cherylanne at
    for nominating me. She's #297 and 298. She has many blogs.

    Have your best day ever.

  78. Shannon Says:

    This was my first award-so excited!

  79. Hen Jen Says:

    I'm honored to be included on this list! Thank You!

  80. Silvia Says:

    Wow, it's my first blog prize ever, and you had a fantastic idea. It also comes from a dear friend, Cori. Thanks and I'm going to display my prize and pass the bliss.

  81. Thank you, thank you. First I would like to thank my mother for caring for me for all those without my kids I wouldn't have a reason to blog...and I will always be thankful to my dear husband whose patience is seemingly unending..
    Heehee...thank you :)
    7 is difficult to choose! But it was fun :)

  82. Thank you for creating such a wonderful way to discover new ideas and people. You're a smart one.

  83. Susan Says:

    Thanks bunches for the award and the McLinky! :)

  84. Michelloui Says:

    Clever award and great website--excellent idea on both!

  85. Thanks for thinking up such a fabulous award! As much as I enjoy blogging, it is always a good feeling to learn that others enjoy your blog too; especially in the case when they like it enough to give it an award! :)

  86. Ali Hicks Says:

    Interesting collection of blog recommendations, glad I stumbled upon your page!

  87. Hello everyone!

    Thank you for my award. I have passed the love on!


  88. Ryan Says:

    What a great concept, thanks for the award.

  89. Juli Says:

    I love the badge for this award. It came to me from 'Cross the Pond. cheers

  90. Kimmy Says:

    I received my lovely award from Ryan at and I am truly honored.
    It was very kind of you to think of others and create an award so lovely with books in the background, love it!
    Have a great day, cheers!

  91. Thank you for your blog and for creating this award; I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  92. Thank you for creating this award.
    Mine came from Ayak at Turkish Delight...a blog not to be missed.

  93. Anonymous Says:

    I've just been awarded the Prolific Blogger award by Sandra :-) Thanks for thinking it up in the first place :-)

  94. Melissa Says:

    Great design! And thank you to 'Cross the Pond for giving me this award! :)

  95. H Says:

    I've just been awarded the prolific writer award by English Wilderness! Wow. My first award. Thanks for the idea.

  96. Susan Fields Says:

    What a great idea to have all award recipients come back here and add their names to this list! Cool idea! And thanks to Hema P., Nicole Ducleroir, T.J. Carson, and Stina Lindenblatt for passing me this award!

  97. Awarded by John@English wilderness (through make nothing online... John, does this agree with the rules? :P )

  98. Tracy Says:

    I have just had my first award . Thanks for that And what a brilliant idea. So hard to choose whom to pass on to tho bu I have done it

  99. Wenderina Says:

    I received the award from Pinklea...just when I was thinking how tired out my blogging was feeling. Thanks for the reinvigoration.

  100. Anonymous Says:

    Classy award. Pinklea from Vancouver picked me, and I am honored

  101. Unknown Says:

    Great idea for an award! I just received it a few days ago! Cool graphic too, but I'm wondering why the blogger looks so worn and sad??

  102. Anonymous Says:

    What a fabulous award! I was nominated by Pinklea and very proud I am too :-)

  103. CCL Says:

    I received this award a few weeks ago from Christina @ and Reading by Christina ( and am just now getting the chance to pass it along to some fellow bloggers!

    I've been tied up posting my 93 Blogmania prizes and sponsors for over 2 weeks! You can check them all out here:

    I am honored to receive this award!


  104. Maria Says:

    I received this award from Chris ( back in March, but although it took me a while to collect it, I am very honoured to receive it! Thanks.

  105. Melissa Says:

    Jill at Frugal Plus bestowed this awesome award upon me. Thanks for starting it!

  106. Unknown Says:

    This is such a great are so right about how much work and time goes into writing a good blog...I'm not sure I deserve the award, but I certainly endeavor to!

  107. Anonymous Says:

    Great idea! Thanks for creating this award!

  108. ~ Noelle Says:

    thanks for creating this award!

  109. So flattered to have been given this award by Drama Mama at Scoop on Poop! I will be accepting it soon at my site and spreading the blog love. I love new and creative awards. Thanks!

  110. Jai Joshi Says:

    I was passed this award by Hema at Wading through Words. Thanks for starting it here!


  111. Deanna Says:

    Thanks so much for creating this gorgeous award! My blog, The Life of a Working Writer Mommy, was granted The Prolific Blogger Award by Jai Joshi, of Jai Joshi's Tulsi Tree. Acceptance post coming soon!

    Thanks again!

  112. Petula Says:

    Wow, this started almost a year ago. How cool! Very nice. Thanks. :-)

  113. Laura Says:

    Hello, this is such a lovely colorful and wonderful surprise to receive from my friend paige today...I already posted for I will be publishing my prolific blogger award, the rules and the 10 (I'm a little bit of a rule breaker) recipients tomorrow!

    have a wonder-filled weekend :)

  114. Karen Says:

    Thanks so much for creating this fantastic award. It was passed on to me by my friend Laura.

  115. Sandy Says:

    Lots of blogs to visit. Rather a nice concept you started here. Sherri Stakes passed it on to me from "the mess that is my mind", great blog, great person!
    thank you both,
    Sandy Comstock

  116. Mary Bennett Says:

    I'm not ready for winter yet...........

  117. What a great concept to honor blogging buddies! Thank You for creating this award! I'm new to your blog so I'll be back to sit and read!

    As for winter I am ready! :)

  118. Thea Says:

    Wow, I'm number 399!!
    What a fantastic idea to link back to the original post. I've tried to find the origins of awards before and sometimes it gets too dificult. This is brilliant! :)

  119. I have just received the award you created! I ended up reading some of your more recent stuff and decided to follow along. I think I might just love it here.

    How cool to be able to come back here and say hiya, thanks for making an award that one day down the track I was given.

  120. I am so impressed to be #402 on this award list. Wow.

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