REVIEW Dead Until Dark: Charlaine Harris


My first Sookie Stackhouse novel. I had fun reading it, with enough suspense to grip my attention.

Dead Until Dark is set in a time when vampires are legally coexisting with humans in society. Sookie Stackhouse is a waitress in Bon Temps, with an uncomfortable secret: she is a telepath. When Bill Compton, a vampire, walks into the bar, she is glad to see him, as she can’t hear his thoughts. After she saves him from a vampire-blood-draining couple, they strike up a friendship despite some disapproval. But their relationship faces several challenges, notably the murders of some women who were known to hang on to vampires.

This book was a welcome change from Twilight, and all the dopey romance that came with it. Sookie is a practical girl; her narration is easy on the mind. She is continually conflicted with how to stay out of the heads of the people around her, and you feel sorry about her lack of privacy. So when Bill comes along, you understand why she wants a relationship with a person whose thoughts don’t invade her, because that’s as close to normal as she’ll get. Sookie’s and Bill’s relationship isn’t a fairytale; she has trouble dealing with Bill’s vampire instincts. In all cases, this is the story of two people who have their own problems to deal with, while dealing with the crisis that arises when they get together.

The mystery is also well-constructed, and the romance weaves in nicely through the suspense. There is more action in this book; Sookie is spunky and level-headed, so her reactions to the problems in her life are interesting to read. She also has a tart tongue that flares up in unexpected situations, such as at the Fangtasia bar with Eric. The ending of the book is well-written, with action and emotion in equal measure. It wasn’t predictable and that’s what made it a good read.

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6 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    Wonderful review! Sookie sounds like a fun character; I might have to pick this one up off my TBR pile sooner than I was planning =)

  2. Andreea Says:

    Great review! Btw, I added you to my blogroll:)

  3. JoAnn Says:

    I really didn't like Twilight much and have been curious about this series. You've just convinced me to give it a try! Thanks for the review.

  4. Belle Says:

    I started reading this, then my son, who just discovered True Blood, took it off my hands before I could read further! Now I need to dig through the stuff in his room to get my hands on it again.

  5. I love the Twilight jab, LOL.

    Hurrah for another Sookie fan :-D

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I just recently read and reviewed this book. I really enjoyed it. Spot on with your comment of the practical Sookie. I loved her narration. I haven't read any Twilight. It is sitting here but am debating. Not a big fan of the dope love stuff!

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