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After the book, the website is the author's window to the world. Since fantasy involves flights of creativity, fantasy authors' websites are also expected to be as innovative as their imagination. I picked out some of my favorite author websites out of the few I've seen.

1. Cornelia Funke:
I am yet to read any of her books, but if they are as nice as the website, I'm sure I'll love them. The homepage is well-designed, with cute little animations. Along with the standard author bio and bibliography, there is a comprehensive FAQ section, a Guestbook, photos and a well-updated News section.

2. J K Rowling:
One of my most-visited fantasy author sites. The site works on flash, and is designed to look like a study table. A special thing about the site is that Rowling has hidden lots of clues among the items lying around, and finding the items and linking them will earn you prizes, such as snapshots of her notes, which will then be stored in your scrapbook. The site has been neglected for a long time, with no updates since the release of Deathly Hallows.

3. Ursula K Le Guin:
The queen of fantasy has one of the most well-maintained websites. There are links to her writing and her essays, interviews and onsite work. She also has a section dedicated to upcoming writers (especially those of fantasy and science fiction) where she gives insight into her writing process and tips on manuscript preparation and contracts. A website for fans and aspiring authors alike.

Special mention- Terry Pratchett:
His website is like a scroll opening into the Discworld. It follows the standard format, but I especially liked the 'Wit and Wisdom' quotes on every page. I actually kept refreshing the homepage to read more.

When I decided to write this article, I naturally went first to J R R Tolkien's page They are at present in the process of redesigning the website, but from the opening flash sequence, I have a little feeling that it will turn out to be as awesome as Lord of the Rings. Keep your eye on it.

Have I missed your favorite fantasy author websites? Sites you thought were absolutely cool? Do tell me about them. Have fun checking these sites out.

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